Is feathering for me..  Brows, we all have them but unfortunately most of us are not naturally endowed with bushy Cara Delvingne’s, The feathering technique is where fine hair like strokes are added to the brow to add fullness, correct asymmetry and generally give you a banging shape, this is a semi permanent cosmetic tattoo that’s changing lives, ok maybe not lives but it’s making the young or young at heart lasses just like yourself feel better about their lack of killer brow-age. Pretty much everyone is a good candidate, check out the before and afters to decide for yourself.


So what do you do when your brows are beyond resurrection? I usually do a consultation and treatment on the same day, We discuss what your hoping to achieve, draw up a shape that is tailored to your individual facial shape / features and choose a colour that will suit your skin tone and existing hair, the reason i do this is when a client comes for a consult and they decide to go ahead they may not be able to get another appointment quickly. I recommend trying to grow your brows out and not having them freshly shaped so i can see where you are still having growth come through, i will wax, shape and pluck if necessary to achieve the best possible shape for your face.  Feathering is quiet superficial and will require touch ups every 12-18 months on average, some clients will get longer but as a general rule to keep the colour / shape fresh 12-18 months is best.  


Aftercare is an important factor and can determine how much colour is retained, most people will have some degree of fallout (totally normal) which is why most people will need to come back 4 weeks after the initial treatment to reinforce the strokes, It is important to avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours after the treatment and to keep all products out of the area until it has healed, bepanthon or paw paw (which i will give you) should only be applied with a cotton tip as a barrier cream if you really cant stand washing your face before showering to prevent any cleanser's / shampoo ect from entering the area until healed, but if it can be avoided dry healing (not getting the brows wet or applying any type of product until healed is my preferred preference), it is very important to not over apply these products as it can prevent oxygen from healing the area and can affect how much colour is retained. The feathering will form a slight crust which usually isn't visible to the eye but can be felt, this is the natural healing process and may feel slightly itchy but a big no no is picking at them! I recommend always putting zinc on your face and protecting your new brows from the sun where possible to prolong colour. I would also advise to keep any abrasive facial products or laser treatments away from the area.