brow feathering

$600 + $120 touch up (if required)


Featherstroke or microblading is the latest technique in semi permanent tattoo for tortured brows done with a hand tool, the hair like strokes mimic natural hair to create a fuller more symmetrical brow that compliments your face shape. Brow shaping will be done also if required. * If a 4 weeks touch up is required after the initial procedure the fee for this appointment is $120.


feathering touch up

$350 up to 12 months $450 up to 16 months


Feathered brows will usually require a touch up / colour refresh around the 12 month mark, depending on individual pigment retention your strokes may last longer. note *to be classed as a touch up the previous strokes must still be visible. I will touch up another artists work but this is charged as a new brow feathering.


powder brow



Powder brows are a softer alternative to feathering, it is usually suited to fairer haired clients who like a powdery or softly pencilled in look, lightly powdering in behind your brow with a traditional tattoo gun in a shape that is complimentary to your face shape and gives a youthful appearance. 


combo brow



The combo brow is a two appointment procedure where we firstly powder the shape in a more solid but soft way, on the second appointment we then featherstroke over the top of the healed powder brow, this creates a 3D effect, perfect for clients who like a strong but natural brow.  Another option is to fill the tail of the brow and stroke the front of the brow.


brow shape + tint



Sometimes all a skinny brow needs is a bit of TLC and to be guided and shaped back from the brink.. Brow rehab includes expert shaping with wax, tweezing and tinting.  


lash lift



Who needs eyelash extensions when you can lift your own lashes?! Our lash lifting technique will have you bright eyed with mega lashes without the need for mascara or an eyelash curler. The trick is a crescent shaped silicon rod  that lifts your natural lash up from the root, with results lasting 2-3 months.